If you have smaller breasts, it can be hard to find bras made for your body that aren’t made for preteens, because for some reason the lingerie industry has yet to discover that women’s breasts and bodies come in all sizes. On another note, did you know that TLC used to call themselves the “Tittyless Crew?” I love them.

After finding a slew of bras that are available in larger sizes, I got a few emails requesting bras for smaller breasts. I found 20 sexy, grown up bras that are either explicitly made for smaller breasts in the AAA-A range, or are at least available in smaller sizes. Additionally, it can be a challenge to find bras with larger band sizes and small cups, and a few of these have bands that go up to 40.

Even though I think all of these bras are amazing, I have a bone to pick with the small-bra industry. Why do they insist on giving their brands diminutive, patronizing names? Having small breasts is just that—it’s a body part that simply requires smaller sizing. It doesn’t mean your bodies are infantile or childish.

I’m not going to be happy until all mainstream bra stores carry a full range of bra sizes (and while we’re at all, how about all clothing stores also carry plus sizes and we just call them “sizes?”), and we don’t have to go to specialty stores, since bodies aren’t specialty. They’re just bodies. But until that day, here’s 20 sexy, beautiful, grown up bras for women with extra small breasts.

Photo: Tumblr