Pinterest is a wonderful, magical place where you can find a remarkable number of great ideas for redecorating, entertaining and creating terrifying representations of Valentine’s Day. Now, while I am all for wearing a bit of green on St. Patrick’s Day on your face (and guzzling some decent cocktails, while you’re at it), I find myself a little conflicted at the idea of actually dressing up like a freaking leprechaun. And what’s worse? Dressing up like a sexy leprechaun.

I naively believed dressing up like a leprechaun was the fodder of parents who pop their kids into cute fake beards attached to beanies or put cute little top hats with buckles on their heads. Naturally, I was wrong. Just as with Halloween, it seems that every holiday is just waiting to be dominated by garters. Check out these ones from Pinterest, among other places.

1. Let’s start mild, with a curtsey and thigh high socks.

2. And now for a green Jell-o hat and a magic clover wand!

3. I’m starting to notice a wand theme here…

4. Okay that wand isn’t even a clover.

5. We can trade out the wand for what appears to be a velour pot of gold.

6. Okay, so things appear to be getting straight-up witchy now.

7. I briefly hated myself for liking this corset. But then I saw the side ruffles and just hated it all over again.

8. Can we all just agree that bows on thigh highs are stupid? Okay, good.

9. If only the next Chicago revival could star magically delicious leprechauns.

10. Or perhaps a remake of Moulin Rouge?

11. The sale section of Michael’s was robbed in order for somebody to make this costume.

12. Ah, you’ve manifested a lovely bra and bolero to go with that clover wand!

13. Eh, let’s just lose the hat and wand. Extraneous accessories.

14. I don’t even think this counts as being St. Patrick’s Day-related at this point unless leprechauns are all college juniors with a newfound love for EDM.

15. If only Burning Man took place around St. Patrick’s Day…

16. Ugh, what have we told you guys about green beer?!

17. Leave it to Etsy to come up with the weirdest stuff.

18. Today’s moral: capris = gold.

19. It says this outfit is for sizes 2 – 6, but I’m pretty sure the manufacturer was referring ages 2 to 6, as nothing about this could possibly fit a human adult.

20. This just looks uncomfortable, but props for creativity, I think.

BONUS: Most terrifying leprechaun costume ever. I’d rather run around in actual botanical pasties than see this on my block.

Look friends: to my knowledge, this is what leprechauns should look like:

Lucky Charms leprechaun

Or this, if you’re from Mobile, Alabama:

leprechaun amateur sketch


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