The Met Gala. Normally, it’s the most daring, most elegant, most interesting and capital F Fashion red carpet of them all. This year, it was taken over by a bunch of maniacal stylists looking to make their mark. Our readers have spoken, and it was a shitshow. Let’s make the most of what we got and try to figure out who came out on top.

First, remember to look through our complete gallery. Collect yourselves, take notes, gather disparate opinions and conflicting feelings. Then vote!

Let’s start with the Beauty department.
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As for all those models running around…
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How about an award for best couple?
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Okay. So. The Met Gala isn’t the Oscars and that means we give demerits to those who opt for big, boring ballgowns and side-swept hair and “retro Hollywood glam” makeup.
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Now let’s reward those who didn’t opt for basic black.
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And onto the major categories.
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