This is the most fun part of any red carpet, isn’t it? As much as we get excited by really gorgeous haute couture on our favorite famous people, it’s the worst-dressed list that captures everyone’s attention.

Read on for the worst dressed at the 2013 American Music Awards, including Christina Aguilera, Heidi Klum, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga ….

2013 American Music Awards

Christina Aguilera is doing her retro sexy Marilyn Monroe thing again, but this one just went off the rails somewhere. The lines on the dress are just a mess. It looks like someone cut it out in the bathroom.

2013 American Music Awards - Arrivals

We really hope Lady Gaga’s Versace contract does not require her to wear Donatella‘s clothes on every red carpet. This lavender nightmare is ill-fitting, and it looks like Lady Gaga knows it. Lady Gaga never looks uncomfortable in her weird-ass performance clothes, but here she looks awkward and like she’s afraid she’ll split the dress at any moment. (And she left a whole streak of leg makeup on her horse.)

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera could have turned this whole look down to an 8 and still been the sexiest-dressed at the AMAs. Did we mention this dress is also backless? Because it’s also backless. We’re pretty sure the role of Elvira has already been cast, Naya.

Read on for some of our favorite people in our least favorite dresses, including Jennifer HudsonZoe Saldana, and Rihanna …

Heidi Klum AMAs red carpet

Heidi Klum’s Marchesa dress would not past muster with the Project Runway judges.

2013 American Music Awards Jennifer Hudson

The color of Jennifer Hudson‘s dress is amazing, but we don’t know what’s happening with that chopped-out chunk. If that were a slit we’d love it, but this just looks like a mistake.

2013 American Music Awards

Zoe Saldana is coming as close as humanly possible to pulling off this one-shouldered Roland Mouret dress with lace inserts and a confusing sky-blue chunk. But this dress is just incoherent.

2013 American Music Awards - Press Room Rihanna

Rihanna‘s Jean-Paul Gaultier couture is not the best thing we’ve ever seen her in, even though her hair, makeup, and accessories are perfect. Her doobie hair wrap has been controversial, but I love it. She’s bold and fearless and one of the most beautiful women in the entire world.

The dress, though, could use some work. On the runway it was shown with a sheer top that might have helped. As it is, the criss-crossed lines on the legs draw the eye down while the shiny bra top draws it up, and the tulle just looks confusing. It’s hard to figure out where to look. I recommend the face, because that’s perfect.

The  2013 American Music Awards Jaimie Alexander

The  2013 American Music Awards

galaxy quest gif

Normally we’re up for a red-carpet jumpsuit every once in a while, but Jaimie Alexander‘s is not working for us.

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