Lena Dunham Instagram 2

As we saw on the red carpet last night, the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards were full of amazing fashion and awful outfits and Leonardo DiCaprio looking real smug. But what about all the stuff that happens behind the scenes? You know, stuff like Drew Barrymore getting an amazing post-GGs snack, Lena Dunham taking fancy backseat car selfies, and Jared Leto being adorably Jared Leto-y. The important stuff. The odd stuff.

After all, as we all know, celebrities are really weird. They are mysterious beings who run around big, fancy events in elegant dresses covered in sequins drinking champagne and smiling at strangers with enormous cameras, then go off to date supermodels and laugh maniacally at their own wealth. (Wait, am I the only person who thinks famous people are all like this? Yes? Okay.) Up until recently, we didn’t have nearly as much access to their weirdness. Now, we have Instagram!

Also, I should note that I have just determined Diddy has my new favorite Instagram. Ever. Period.

All images via Instagram and Twitter.[ITPGallery]