Remember those ridiculous fur boots that cost $2700 and made it look like you killed Hobbes and stepped inside his broken body? Or the $18000 hand-painted flip-flops? Or (perhaps our very favorite) Missoni‘s $520 wax candle? Here at TheGloss, we love a good shock at outrageously priced goods, but this one make take the cake:

Scientists from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (hereafter EMPA because that name is fucking long) have developed a way to coat polyester fibers with a nanometer-thin layer of the precious metal, making it “supple enough to weave.” They have been working on this for ten years. And all, apparently, in the service of making ugly ties:

Good god, what color is that? Bargain daal? Beer vomit? Dirty diaper?

Anyway, the technology is a big deal because the final product ends up being soft and machine washable (and a perfect Christmas gift for tragically unstylish Bond villains), so they plan to manufacture pocket squares, scarves, bow ties, and purses. Retailing at 7,500 Swiss francs (approximately $8,450) apiece, each tie boasts 8 grams of 24-karat gold.

Although the idea of a tie woven from 24-karat-gold is really, really silly, at least the materials and labor have a value beyond, say, a cylinder of wax and one very identifiable Chevron-print logo.

(eCouterre via Styleite)