Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’ve got some eco-friendly jewelry to share with you. It’s eco-friendly because the designers used recycled materials or they made the pieces using Fair Trade practices. I found these pieces at Nimli, a great place to shop for people enjoying a green lifestyle.

Nugaard Designs Large Golden Grass Ring

This unique ring is made of tightly woven and wrapped golden grass. It looks like fine gold wire to me. It has the same lustre as gold. Very interesting. The ring was handmade in Brazil, the homeland of Nugaard Design’s Erica Pacey and Allessandra Feio.

…their jewelry is made of materials that have been extracted from nature in ways that do not harm the environment. The extraction activities are also closely monitored by local environmental agencies in Brazil, and many of the suppliers are also certified eco-friendly merchants. Some of the materials used are golden grass from the northwest of Brazil, real leaves dipped in precious metals, and Olho de Boi seeds

Nashelle Designs Vignette Love Ring

This ring is made with recycled materials. It comes in a 14K gold fill or sterling silver with a little heart cut-out. Very cute, but at the same time, very modern with it’s sleek shape. I don’t see sizing information, so either it is adjustable or it is one size fits most.

Bario-Neal Oji Ring

This ring is both simple and complex in appearance. It reminds me of tightly crumpled aluminum foil, but it’s actually a recycled, texturized, sterling silver. It’s sized one size fits most.

Image credit: Nimli