Thanks to Men’s Health October issue, we’re going to learn about the 3 major types of denim jeans just in time for Fall. I am going to go through them for you. First is the RAW DENIM.

apc-rawdenim.jpgRAW DENIM : Dark, unprocessed monochromatic denim that looks like it just rolled off the loom.

PROS : According to Jeff Shafer, owner of Agave Denimsmith, Raw Denim is incredibly rugged. Meaning the denim is in it’s purest form

CONS : It has stiff fabric therefore you have to break it in by wearing it many time before you’d feel comfortable in them. Watch out for waistline fluctuation caused by it’s rigidness.

CARE : Washing machine and dryer is not good for Raw Denim. These process will cause for the dye to bleed, hence the fading of the denim. Shafer highly suggests wearing ’em until they stink and then dry-clean only.

BEST FOR : Lean body type

AVOID IF : Traveling or if you expect your jeans to be comfy right away.

BRANDS : APC, Earnest Sewn, G-Star Raw Denim, Nudie Jeans

*Men’s Health Magazine, October 2007