selvage-denim-levis.jpgSELVAGE DENIM : Introduced by Levi’s in 1927. This type of denim has red stitching on the inside seam for extra support

PROS : Tight weaving makes Selvage Denim durable. The seams won’t fray. A spokeswoman for Levi’s, Amy Jasmer said if you like unfinished jeans look, Selvage is the best kind.

CONS : Selvage jeans are more expensive. The additional cotton and more time spent in amking a single pair make it so. Another con is that the dark dye will rub off onto light colored fabrics when it’s new.

CARE : Do not wash and dry. To keep the deep blue color, dry-clean instead but only a few times a year. Chemicals from dry-cleaning can still cause fading through the years.

BEST : The Denim Purist

AVOID IF : Not for distressed or embellished denims enthusiasts. Or if you refuse to spend more than $120

BEST BRANDS : APC, Levi’s Capital E, Rag and Bone, Uniqlo, Evisu.

*Men’s Health Magazine October 2007.