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The Avenue is one of my favorite plus size shops. Their clothes are trendy, not “senior citizen” looking, and they fit nicely. I’ve been an avid fan for many years, to the point where the girls in the local store know exactly what I like, and will even phone me to tell me about new items they think I’d enjoy. (One girl even held over a whole stack of clothes for me until I could get in, so they didn’t run out of my size!)

So I present to you new Autumn trends by Avenue. Keep in mind, these trends are a fit for women of all sizes, but these exact items can be found online or in Avenue stores.

Plaid Menswear Vest
$39.95 from Avenue
The menswear trend hits back every Autumn, and this year’s no different. Layer this vest over a crisp button down or a billowing blouse for that feminine touch.


Purple! It’s a great fall color, and helps us ease into the cooler months with color (as opposed to brown, tan, black, and grey alone). Layer them up in different shades and balance them out with dark greys, white or black.


The Pencil Skirt
$39.95 from Avenue
Sleek pencil skirts streamline the silhouette and tone down layers or thicker pieces for balance. There’s no reason to stop wearing skirts just because summer’s over! Pair up with some dark tights and you’re good to go.

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Photo credit: Avenue