fall fashion trendsWow, I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I started this fun—but insanely tedious and time-consuming—series. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, here are my 30 Under $30s for Fall 2014, Winter 2014-2015 and Summer 2015. (No Spring, because Spring is a myth and it’s time we all accepted that.) This time around, I’m breaking it down into categories: tops, dresses, pants and skirts, outerwear, accessories, and shoes, with the hopes of placing five perfect items into each for a complete, super cheap wardrobe. Let’s get down to business, shall we?


1. Side-Slit Sweater (Zara, $19.90)sweaterMeet the Pantone color Oak Buff, a huge must this fall.

2. Opus V-Neck in Border Stripe (Madewell, $28 SALE $24.99)tee shirtThe perfect fall tee cannot be underestimated, and for me, Madewell always delivers.

3. We the Free Bungalow Tank (Free People, $29.95)

green tankThis tank is heavenly. Army green, royal blue, white, light blue, burnt orange, light grey, black—I want them all. Just layer it and you’re ready to go for fall.

4. BDG Herringbone Button-Down Shirt (Urban Outfitters, $49 SALE $29.99)white shirtI don’t want to be boring or anything, but this really is an essential.

5. BDG Denim Pocket Tee (Urban Outfitters, $54 SALE $29.99)denim shirtYou guys, denim is going to be all over everyone this fall, and this is the perfect affordable top to accompany those light boyfriend jeans.


6. Sleeveless Jersey Dress (H&M, $29.99 SALE $19.99)long dressI have this dress. I love this dress. I wear it almost every day. You should too. This similar low-back maxi is also fabulous.

7. Jacquard Dress (Zara, $29.90)

mini dress zaraThis season, say YAS to mini dresses and chunky boots.

8. Fine-Knit Dress (H&M, $17.99)

sweater dressSort of sweater, sort of not, that gorgeous color, and 18 bucks? I mean, okay.

9. Daisy Street Sweat Dress with Knot Front (ASOS, $28)sweatshirt dressOkay, I cave. I officially want one of these.

10. Chambray Shirt Dress (Forever 21, $22.90)chambrayLa la la all the denim, I told you!


11. Cropped Leopard-Print Slacks (H&M, $24.99)pantsI don’t usually do leopard, but these pants? Yes please.

12. Long Skirt (Zara, $19.90)long orange skirtThis color is happening this fall. Let’s all get on board.

13. Jacquard Skirt (Zara, $19.90)

jacquard skirtThis pattern is just understated enough for work and plenty cool enough to take out.

14. Tapered Fit Slacks (H&M, $29.99)burgundy pantsCan’t stop won’t stop with the color of the year.

15. Ultimate Utility Pant with Roll Hem (ASOS, $54 SALE $16.50)cargo pantsWith those heels? Exactly.

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16. Knit Cardigan (H&M, $24.99)sweater

Fall means layers my friends. I for one am so ready.

17. Cargo Jacket (H&M, $59.99 SALE $29.99)cargo jacketCargo jacket, meet next level. 

18. Longline Button-Front Vest (Forever 21, $27.90)

f21 vestThrow this over almost any outfit to increase chicness by at least 165%. I even wrote you a guide to looking cool in vests, so there’s really no excuse.

19. Dark Printed Floral Jacket (ASOS, $72 SALE $22)asos jacketIf you’re going to do a floral, this is a great way to do it.

20. Shawl Collar Boucle Jacket (Forever 21, $27.90)*shawlThe return of the half sweater-half jacket, let’s call it a swacket, is hands down one of my favorite things about fall.


21. Faux Leather Bucket Bag (Old Navy, $29.94 SALE $24)black bucket bagI’ve been searching for the perfect black bucket bag for weeks, and here Old Navy comes along with the exact style I’ve been wanting… for $25.

22. Tassel Bucket Bag (Zara, $29.90)bucket bagAnd another one!

23. Mock Croc Messenger Bag (Zara, $25.90)messengerAnd more in this color because how can you resist??

24. Fine Rib Knitted Turban Hat (ASOS, $18)hat

25. Stargraph Double-Finger Ring (Madewell, $28)double ringThe perfect balance of tough and dainty.


26. Faux Suede Zippered Sneakers (Forever 21, $29.90)

f21 sneakersI actually can’t think of an outfit I wouldn’t wear these with.

27. Canvas Flatform Sneakers (Forever 21, $29.90)

f21 red sneaksSaw these in the store the other day and they are as cool, if not cooler, than they look. Not to mention that I inspected the padding all along the inside and firmly believe they would be comfortable. Screw it I’m buying the oatmeal color.

28. Dolce Vita Breeze (6PM, $29.99)slidesBefore it gets too cold, these babies with a pair of cropped trousers? Yes.

29. Faux Leather Pointed Loafers (Forever 21, $22.90)loafersScrew you no white after Labor Day. I know these are going to be wildly uncomfortable, but dammit I want them anyway.

30. Faux Leather Flatform Oxfords (Forever 21, $29.90)oxfordsFor the second season in a row, Forever 21 sweeps the show category. And I am totally okay with it.