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If you read my blog Simply Thrifty, you’ll know I’m all about reusing and recycling. I’m a firm believer that everything has two uses. With that in mind, check out  these accessories made from recycled materials. Please note, all items listed -especially those in other countries fall under fair trade. Here at The List Maven we want to do our part for the environment but not at the expense of others.

  1. Recycled glass bottle earrings – Very cool – and enough colors to match everything in your wardrobe.
  2. Recycled newspaper market tote bags – Now this I would use, and it would make a great gift too. Very cute.
  3. Recycled license plate necklace – Don’t worry, it’s cut down to size – you won’t be wearing a giant license plate around your neck like Flava Flav.
  4. Recycled soda can earrings – I think these are great. I’m thinking of getting a pair for myself.
  5. This blue recycled glass bottle charm bracelet would be a hit among teens, I think.
  6. Remember the old printing press? I can assure you those old letters didn’t go to waste. Check out these personalized necklaces.
  7. This clutch is made from candy bar wrappers and features the barcodes! It will make a wonderful conversation piece for a night out on the town.
  8. I’m totally digging the popdaisy recycled can jewelry line designed by Heather Ramsey.  It’s reasonably priced as well.
  9. You knew it was coming, right? Bottle cap necklaces appropriate for casual wear.
  10. Ever wonder what happened to your old vinyl record albums? Perhaps they were made into a bracelet like this!
  11. This wine bottle jewelry is colorful and stunning.
  12. How about a bracelet or necklace featuring a key from an old typewriter?
  13. Are you a Scrabble junky? Then you’ll have to have this necklace made from old game tiles.
  14. These chic tote bags are made from recycled traffic signs!
  15. Great Green Goods is offering some elegant vintage spoon necklaces.
  16. Also from Great Green Goods are these amazing recycled pool ball rings.
  17. The sk8ters in your life will be touched when you give them jewelry made from recycled skate boards.
  18. This unusual necklace is made from recycled chop sticks.
  19. This beautiful necklace is made by artisans in Kampala, Uganda from magazine pages.
  20. The reasonably priced pendant is made from pieces of broken plates!
  21. Would you like to get a unique gift for the sexy geek in your life? Try these cufflinks made from computer keys!
  22. Here’s a unique piece for your teens – a bracelet made from recycled sneakers.
  23. Does the man in your life invest? Maybe he’d like a set of stock listing cufflinks.
  24. Winter is almost over, but you might want this recycled silk sari ear flap hat for next year.
  25. If you’re handy with a hook, you might consider crocheting this necklace from plastic bags.
  26. This necklace, handcrafted in Wales, is made from recycled aluminum.
  27. This formal necklace is made from recycled glass.
  28. This whimsical brooch is made in Kenya from recycled products.
  29. Who knew beautiful earrings like this could come from recycled newspaper?
  30. No one would have to know these earrings are made from recycled plastic, but it would be a cool thing to tell them!
  31. These wonderful necklaces are made form recycled Paloma pottery.
  32. Now this is what I call planet art. These earrings are made from real leaves dipped in silver.
  33. This assortment of unusual brooches is made from various recycled materials including recycled clock pieces, vinyl flooring, clothes pins and more.
  34. This necklace is made from recycled dominos!
  35. This biker bag is made from recycled tire inner tubes! Nice.


Would you like to see more lists of earth-friendly and recycled accessories, clothes and beauty items? Drop a line in the comments and let me know what you think.







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