Long Hair

The hair care industry would love for you to believe you need to shampoo your hair daily in order for it to retain it’s shine and ability to control. Well for those of you with controllable hair. Some of us wear ponytails a lot. But I digress…

While there’s nothing wrong with having really clean hair, there is something to be said about NOT washing your hair every day. Here are a few reasons for going every other day or even every couple of days:

  1. Hair is healthier – Your scalp produces natural oils that keep hair healthy. By washing away these oils every day, your losing some key hair nourishment. When you don’t wash your hair, you’re allowing these oils the time to penetrate and become absorbed by the hair making it as soft and shiny as any expensive hair product.
  2. More control – Sometimes by allowing hair to fully dry and allowing for a little bit of product build up, your adding more control to your hair. My hair is definitely more manageable if I leave it a couple of days without washing than if I were to wash it every day.
  3. Keep your color – Hair color does fade as much when hair is washed less often.
  4. Cheaper – You’re saving money by not using shampoo and conditioner every day.
  5. It’s better for the environment – By not washing your hair your saving water – and by not using lots of big towels to dry your hair all the time you’re saving on washer and dryer usage.

Image: All Posters