My guy friends can’t seem to understand that sometimes there are shoes that just beg you for a home. They look all pretty and innocent on the shelf, somehow convincing you that five inch stilettos are a great choice for everyday wear.

By the time you get them home, the shiny allure of the newness is starting to wane…which means that now you have to be extra sure to get your money’s worth and take these puppies for a spin.


Image: Newscom

But most heels weren’t made for walking. Especially when they’re brand new and not so broken in. So after a long day of pretty (albeit unhappy) feet, they deserve some extra TLC.

Here are a few tricks to get you started when apologizing to your poor toes!

Epsom Salt. A quick bath with epsom salt will help your sore, swollen feet. The water should be warm but not too hot.

Peppermint Lotion. There is something totally rejuvenating about the smell and feel of peppermint. Apply liberally and work it into your skin.

Foot Massage. Either gently prod your feet solo or ask your loved one very nicely for a quick rub. Either way this should help unkink some of the extra tender spots.

Yoga. You might find that fifteen minutes of stretching and downward dog goes a long way in helping your feet feel like they are in tip top shape again. Use a mat and go slowly – this is supposed to be a treat, not punishment!