As you know, we feminists begin each day by stepping out into battle, armed with bell hooks quotes and glitter and Diva Cups, playing Tori Amos in our ears, and walking unflinchingly in front of slow-mo explosions like a Vin Diesel movie. But what does one wear that’s both totally adorable AND threatening to the archaic paradigm of misogynistic oppression? These 5 t-shirts will make a great addition to your patriarchy-slaying wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 1.14.55 PM

1. Who Needs Gender Roles When We Can Have Pizza Rolls – $21.60. Exactly! This is the gist of what we’ve been trying to say since the beginning of herstory. Mary Wollstonecraft is smiling down on us from Feminist Heaven (where they undoubtedly serve their Totino’s at precisely the correct temperature).

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2. Riot Grrrl – $21.59. Perfect for the queercore zine distro, the unapologetic punk rock princess, or anyone who chases their liquor with male tears.

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3. Feminist Killjoy – $22.54. Need something to wear while fighting a literature professor to add Jane Austen to the syllabus? Plan on getting into an argument with a stranger on the subway about how much space his spread legs are taking up? This will definitely do the trick.

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4. Angela Davis – $22. Finally! Far too few t-shirts feature badass pictures of Angela Davis liberating minds as well as liberating society.

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5. Raging Feminist Bitch – $28.00. This one sums it up, more or less. [via The Frisky]

Exterminating the patriarchy with your wit and brilliance can take a lot out of a person. So treat yourself, feminist! You deserve to own one (or all) of these.