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The Huffington Post is commanding you to buy some of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s unbelievably overpriced, outrageous GOOP clothes after criticizing them to hell and back, complete with a link to the store and the edict to go spend some money. You know why they hate GOOP clothing, right? It’s because they have eyes, and probably think that recommending astronomically-priced luxury wear to their readers is a dumb move. Oh never mind, they changed their minds.

Recently we took a look and noticed something: The Goop Collection is actually good. Like, really good. Sure, the prices are high — this isn’t H&M or Zara range, but rather for the shopper. But most importantly, the selection of clothing is excellent.

Okay cool. So what items are we talking about, here?

1. A pair of white ankle jeans that you can never wear underwear with or during your period all for the price of $187. You can’t put a price on an experience.

gwyneth paltrow goop white pants

2. A bedazzled interpretation of a sweatshirt, reasonably priced at $845.

gwyneth paltrow goop embellised sweatshirt

3. A leather school uniform (I kinda love this) priced to sell at $495.

gwyneth paltrow goop alice olivia

4. This insouciant plaid button down is perfect for watching other people do manual labor. That feeling of entitlement is a steal at $297.

gwyneth paltrow plaid button down

5. This Hanes Undershirt for Women doesn’t follow the usual 3-pack for $15 model, but instead is sold for the low price of $60 for just one.

gwyneth paltrow goop grey tee

So what’s behind their sudden change of heart? We took a wild guess and figured that GOOP possibly sent HuffPo some clothes, and suddenly some poor fashion writer had to grit her teeth through rationalizing the absurd prices and meh clothing.* When you work for a website that covers fashion and beauty products, inevitably companies will send you their products in hopes that you’ll write about it. Just this week, we got sent a whole mess of lube. So, yeah, we’re doing pretty great.

It seems pretty out of touch to recommend these crazily overpriced items and try to pass them off as great value deals that are actually reasonably priced, when in fact GOOP exists to say “I am relaxed and down-to-earth but hands off, poor person.” The idea is to be unattainable, out of touch, and to pay $60 for the world’s most basic shirt. The curated life has you edited out of it. You can’t have it. Way to go Gwyneth, you did it.

*Obviously we do sponsored posts as well, and we always label them as such.

(Ed. Note: Huffington Post editors have contacted The Gloss to inform us that they did not receive free samples from GOOP. They just genuinely like these five GOOP pieces.)

Photos: Getty Images, GOOP