I walked by Aldo the other day and almost swooned when I saw what was on display for Fall. So many colors, heels that are actually wearable and the foundations of a highly covetable boot collection.

For that afternoon at least…I walked away empty-handed. I must think about this, I told myself. No sense in rushing into anything when the next best pair could be waiting just a couple weeks away. We’re right in the thick of fall previews and freshly stocked shelves…patience.

After further research, I’ve found the five pairs I want the most. They will be hard to resist, I will do everything I can to add them to my closet, and eventually…(I hope)…they will all be mine.


Simonelli Peep-Toe Pumps
Why I Love It: the multi-colored design makes it flexible for many different outfits and the way the heel is designed is different from anything I’ve see before.
Where I Would Wear It: A night out dancing.


Sicola Flats
Why I Love It: The strong color is always a favorite when I transition to jeans, long sleeve t-shirts and a scarf. Everything else can stay basic and the shoes can carry the outfit.
Where I Would Wear It: Sunday brunch or family dinner.


Arnes Tall Boots
Why I Love It: Soft, slouchy leather and chunky buckles…I can already smell the season change.
Where I Would Wear It: Movie date night.


Auteri Pointed-Toe Pump
Why I Love It: Classic black shoes with a dash of daring? This is my kind of heel.
Where I Would Wear It: E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.


Ambrosio Round-Toe Pump
Why I Love It: This heel is both demure and comfortable for long days on your feet. The color is cheerful and just dying to go with a black shirtdress of mine.
Where I Would Wear It: An important meeting.

Images: Aldo Shoes