The designer has a brief profile in the New York Times that basically confirms he is as awesome as I always suspected. These five quotes in particular make me think he and I need to be best friends, pronto:

  • “I make no bones about loving television.”
  • “I do find ways around my diet, like how to break my diet.”
  • “Sunday is a Xanax night for me.”
  • “I like to go to the Film Forum, but that takes a certain amount of planning, too, because there’s always a crush of people. If there’s a new print of, say, “The Red Shoes,” I might have to pull the famous card to get in.”
  • “Sunday is the most amorphous day of the week. I could spend the entire afternoon in bed watching the Food Network and living vicariously through Paula Deen.”

Isaac, anytime you want to come over for shrimp and grits, it’s a date.