PeaceKeeper is an all-benefit company – meaning that it donates 100% of its distributable profits to charity.

peacekeeper-natural-nail-polishAdopting a business model similar to Paul Newman and his various product lines, this means that after paying taxes, debt repayment, financing costs, and keeping reasonable working capital reserves, the profits are donated.  PeaceKeeper gives its profits to Women’s Health Advocacy and Human Rights issues.

Here are 5 more reasons to purchase products from PeaceKeepers.

  1. 5 Great Products at Great Prices – Natural lip balms, natural lipsticks, natural lip gloss, natural nail polish, and eco-easy nail polish remover.  Prices you can afford.
  2. FREE Shipping – Anywhere in the United States.
  3. No animal testing – Not only is animal testing verboten, but there are vegan products as well.
  4. Fair Wages – Peacekeepers believes in fair pay for fair work.  No matter where the workers are.  The company does not employee children, nor do business with any other company that exploits workers.  This commitment is monitored by leading agencies in the field.
  5. Ethical – Truth is power, and Peacekeepers always speaks the truth about its company, products, and the standards they commit to.

Peacekeeper products are available online or look at your local natural food store