I am a huge fan of email newsletters, especially ones that offer a good balance of fashion and living tips and trends. Gwyneth Paltrow‘s recently launched GOOP newsletter received mixed reviews and the critics were out in full force to discourage people from checking it out.

Image: Gwyneth Paltrow

Image: PR Photos

But the hecklers have mostly died down and GOOP is still sitting pretty. So why should you subscribe? Here are a few good reasons –

  1. After a great deal of time out of the spotlight, Gwyneth is back to work looking lovelier than ever and proving you can balance being a great mom and follow your career ambitions.
  2. Gwyneth is selling a bunch of her clothes on eBay in support of The Robin Hood Foundation. Admirable, intelligent and something that’s easy to do for a good cause.
  3. Get a little insight into what Gwyneth loves about different cities she’s been to, starting with New York, Paris and London and LA. Want to know all the Hollywood hot spots she makes time for when she’s in Cali? Now you can.
  4. The description of her post-baby belly as a “shar-pei like stomach” is a great example of her smart, self depreciating humor.
  5. I have always thought Gwyneth had a great sense of style – now, in addition to opportunities to own something from her closet, she’s sharing some of the tips to get that signature down to earth elegance.

So what do you think of GOOP?