Alright ladies – we’ve put this off long enough. Sure, your winter sweater is hiding that extra bit of Christmas Runningpudge, but the summer sun isn’t  that far away. Nothing is worse than watching your friends skip around in bathing suits while you’re under an umbrella …“resting” in a glorified Mumu.

Everyone is currently at a different level of fitness and stamina – but sitting on the couch isn’t going to help you improve yours. Still not convinced that you need to start working 30-60 minutes of cardiovascular fitness into your day? Here are some more reasons to make the commitment.

Shopping, anyone?
There has never been a more legitimate reason to buy new clothes than when you find yourself swimming in your current wardrobe. Put down the new Spring camisole you’ve been eyeing and think about how much better it will look when you’re sporting slim, toned arms.

Your heart will thank you.
Cardiovascular fitness is one of the best things you can do to keep your heart strong and healthy. What you do when you’re younger has a big impact in how you will feel once you start hitting those golden years. A few extra steps now could make the difference between having the energy to travel and enjoy retirement or simply being physically unable to do much at all.

The miracle of LuLuLemon.
Yes, I’m back to shopping. But come on now – you really should be doing some sort of exercise if you’re going to have any excuse for purchasing $100 workout pants that work wonders to make your bum look perfect while you’re logging hours on the treadmill.

Radiant Skin.
That post-workout glow? You can’t fake that with foundation and Evian mist. The only way to achieve that refreshed, glowing look is to break a sweat. Forty minutes in the morning could mean twelve hours of gorgeous skin.

Give me a smile!
Exercise, endorphins, it all equals a visibly happier you. I’m sure you don’t want to wake up early to make it to the gym any more than I do – but if it means feeling like a million bucks and having more energy throughout the day, well then I would say it’s time well spent. And worth the inconvenience.

Image: Newscom