Forever21 has reached a new level of marketing genius. New York City has been dubbed the city that never sleeps, and Forever21 is capitalizing on this. The 90,000 square foot Times Square location has decided to keep its doors open until 2 am. Why? Because apparently some people love to bargain shop at that hour. Well, that’s not all you can do. Here’s a list of things you can do at Forever21 at 2 AM.

1. You’re at a bar, and that moron next to you drops his drink all over your silk shirt. Don’t panic, just excuse yourself to run to Forever21 to pick up a cute, cheap top and you’re good to go.

2. Walk of shame. Everyone has done it, and trust me, it’s no fun. But luckily, if you’re out and see yourself about to have an unexpected night spent at a man’s house, you can run over to Forerver21, pick up an outfit for the next day and no longer have to worry about that dreadful walk in your mini dress from the night before.

3. Paint your nails. Nails looking chipped? A little damaged? Thanks to the extensive beauty selection you can just reapply some colorful lacquer to your nails and you’re good to go. Who wouldn’t want to do a quick mani at 2 am?

4. Play hide-and-go-seek. With 90,000 square feet, there should be at least a few good hiding spots. Grab a couple of your friends and venture over to play your favorite childhood game. Just be careful you don’t loose one of your friends. With a store that big, it’s easy to get lost and never find your way out.

5. Go drunk. Let’s be honest, everything is a little bit better, a little bit funnier and a  lot more entertaining when your drunk. So when the bar crowd gets a little stingy, you can just go over to Forever21 and have a good time. Try on some clothes and maybe even make a few purchases. I guarantee in the morning you’ll wake up and see that bright yellow bag and say, “What was I thinking?”

With suggestions like these, Forever21 might just turn into a NYC hot-spot. Let’s just hope they don’t check IDs at the door.