Recently, I’ve had a revelation. I’ve never been one to splurge on fashion –spending several hundred dollars on one item that will eventually go out of style literally gives me an adverse physical reaction.

But I’ve changed my tune a bit lately, at least in theory — there are some things that deserve a splurge, and those are the things that you wear every day.

“But this is common knowledge, Jessica,” you might be thinking. And that might be true (actually, if it is true I’ve never heard it before, but it seems like the kind of thing that would be), but common knowledge — like common sense — really doesn’t matter until it finally becomes something that’s applicable to your own life.

Anyway, to that end, here are 5 things I’m thinking about splurging on.

  1. A handbag. Maybe this one.
  2. Glasses frames.
  3. A heavy coat, for when it drops below 70 degrees in LA.
  4. Leather boots.
  5. A car. (Seriously).

What about you? What do you splurge on?