Sometimes you’re walking down the street, and you wander into a nice little boutique. You’re the only one in there, so you strike up a seemingly innocent conversation with the salesperson about how adorable all the merchandise is.

That’s when you glance at the price tags  — you are out of your element. You start to panic — you’re all alone in there, cornered like a helpless fawn. The saleslady has already begun picking up items and starting a room for you. It’s all happening so fast.

How to get out of there without shamefully producing a copy of your bank statement? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Pretend to take a business call. Then give her the universal eye-roll that says, “sorry, this is work-related!” Shady? Yes. Weak? Perhaps. Effective? You betcha.
  2. Try on some things and then say that nothing worked. This is really ineffective timewise, but if you can’t think of any other way out, at least your saleslady BFF can’t say you didn’t try.
  3. Fake a panic attack. This calls for some acting skills, but if you can pull it off you’ll be out of there in no time flat. Just be sure to run, because you don’t want her to call the paramedics or anything.
  4. Pretend to see someone you know walking outside. Wave to “her” enthusiastically, then tell the saleslady you’ll be right back (don’t go back).
  5. Cut and run.