Not every Men enjoy or even know how to buy colognes. Most of the time, a salesperson will approach a guy and just to get rid of the poor lad or because you don’t really understand the differences of scents you just buy it. Then you get home and start feeling the quintessential buyer’s remorse. DETAILSand She Knows Best has once again come to the rescue with the Ultimate Guide In Buying Colognes. Stick around while I go through all of them with you. Hopefully you’ll be able to decipher your signature scent after reading this then be confident the next time you see that salesperson walking towards you to spray you with something :) ….

CATEGORIES : Citrus, Green and Spicy
Citrus — This includes scents under lemon or tangerine. If you prefer a fresh-from-the-shower smell, stick to the Citrus scent. Examples : Armani Acqua di Gio and Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Green — This is more on the sweet side. Examples : Marc Jacobs for Men(figs) and Chanel Allure Homme(anise),

Spicy — A leathery archetypal scent. Examples : Old Spice and Obsession For Men.

The way you dress and even skin tone affects the way you want to smell. If you’re the jeans and old sneakers type, go for the Citrus scent. A spicy fragrance on the other hand will fit a sporty and easygoing kind of guy. A spicier scent for a pinstripes and brogues type. A closet filled with Dior Homme and Jil Sander should opt for the Green fragrance. As for complexion, if you’re the whitest guy in the planet, pick the Citrus or Green scents.

A spray on each wrist or in the crook of each elbow wouldn’t hurt. No actually, it’s a good idea to do that scent testing. You don’t want to go home with a $200 milliliter bottle of fragrance without knowing how it smells. Or whether you could stand it.

15 minutes is what you need for the scent to kick in and react with your skin.

A well-made cologne could charge you between $150 and $200. Inexpensive colognes are being sold in mass quantities because they’re not that complex to produce. Something more expensive than $200 is rarely worth it. Even with ingredients like vetiver, iris, and jasmine.

There you go. I hope you all learned something. I know I did. :)