Holidays are approaching. We have Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Year’s Eve. Here are 5 Under $100 Cocktail Dresses that you might want to check out for your holiday outfits. Think of this, you can buy 2 dresses for less than $200. How fabulous is that? Alright, let’s get to them.


Connected Apparel Red or Black Cocktail Cleopatra Neck Dress, $61.74 (Image : Overstock)



Connected Apparel Red or Black Cocktail Drape Neck Dress, $56.99 (Image : Overstock)

More Under $100 Cocktail Dresses after the fold…


London Times V-Neck Sash Waistline Cocktail Dress, $55.09 (Image : Overstock)


Ellen Tracy Satin Sheath Dress, $85.49 (Image : Overstock)


Connected Apparel Halter Dress, $56.04 (Image : Overstock)

Aren’t they gorgeous? The dresses come in various sizes. Pair any of the cocktail dresses with heels or pumps, put on a trench coat to keep you warm on your way to the party then take the coat off as soon as you arrive and Va-Va-Boom, it’s party time :).