If you like the bold and vintage-inspired style of necklaces, here are a few from Forever21 that I am liking these days. And, they are all under $20.


This one is called Victorian Lace Choker Necklace. You can see the lace construction and dangling drape chains with the tear-drop bead pendant completing the look. This would vamp any solid color cocktail dress for the night. $7.80


A lovely Krista Rhinestone Satin Necklace to adorn your beautiful neck in any occasion. It can work on casual days and glam days as well. $8.80


This is a stunning Princess Rhinestone Necklace featuring glistening rhinestones with a princess drape design. A strapless black dress would surely complement this necklace. $19.80.


A Self-Tie Rhinestone Necklace is a simple yet gorgeous way to accent an elegant dress for special occasion. $17.80.


This Glittered Flower Pendant Necklace features a high polish metal on a removable rose pendant boasting glittered petals. Look elegant with this necklace on, with or without the rose pendant. $12.80

(Images : Forever21)