Dakota Johnson AnastasiaStop debating about whether Jamie Dornan‘s abs live up to your Christian fantasies and let’s talk style. The 50 Shades Of Grey trailer has finally been released. Since we know you’re going to be hearing the arguments about whether it was kinky enough until you’ll want to punish everyone who talks about it (and not in a red room of pain kind of way), we’re here to discuss Anastasia Steele.

If you thought that Dakota Johnson as Anastasia would look something similar to her stunning Elle magazine cover, you are wrong–and you probably haven’t read the books (or not the nonsexual parts). Anastasia never really came across as a style trend setter–probably because she had other things to focus on, besides fashion. Based on Dakota’s few red carpets looks, she seems to have enough style that she could lend some to Anastasia. And unlike Ana, it appears she owns a hairbrush.

This is how they transformed Dakota Johnson into Anastasia Steele with a few dowdy style choices and limited time in the makeup chair for the 50 Shades Of Grey movie:

1. Librarian Style50 Shades Dakota Johnson Anastasia Steele Dress

This is plain Jane even by job interview standard’s. Christian looked hot, Christian’s secretary looked immaculate, and they made Dakota dress up like a librarian meets disheveled college grad to get the inexperienced (in many ways) Anastasia look.

2. Sad Ponytail50 Shades Dakota Johnson Anastasia Steele Makeup 1

Ooooh, this isn’t much better than a sweaty gym pony. A flowing Ariana Grande ponytail this is not. It looks like Dakota clipped her hair back herself, with the elastic band she no doubt wears on her wrist.

3. Questionable Outfit Matching

50 Shades Dakota Johnson Anastasia Steele Tights

The turquoise and blue skirt kind of go to together. The brown tights definitely don’t match with anything, save for the wooden door. The wardrobe department may have instructed Dakota to get dressed in the dark, and thought that was the best way to get Ana’s “style.”

4. No Makeup50 Shades Dakota Johnson Anastasia Steele Hair

They didn’t need to have much of a makeup budget for 50 Shades. I don’t even think Dakota is wearing under eye concealer. She could be wearing a touch of mascara, but that appears to be it. Maybe some lip balm too.

5. Sensible Wardrobe Basics

50 Shades Dakota Johnson Anastasia Steele Wardrobe Basics 1

Anastasia never seemed like the type of girl who wrote a style blog in her spare time. She’s more of an I-buy-wardrobe-essentials-only kind of girl. That’s why they dressed Dakota in a white shirt–but wait, there is a cap sleeve and low-ish neckline. How fancy.

6. No Blow Drys

50 Shades Dakota Johnson Anastasia Steele Hair 1

If you look at the top photo, you’ll know that Dakota has good hair. Gorgeous, shiny, perfect bedhead here. I expected there to be lots of sex hair in the movie, but this is I-cut-my-own-bangs and don’t own a blow dryer hair. I bet she had a very late call time when she was filming. There’s no need to spend hours in the makeup chair for this look.

7. Cool Mom Jacket

50 Shades Dakota Johnson Anastasia Steele Cool Mom

This is what it looks like when Ana attempted to look cool. A leather jacket would have been great in theory, but it’s hardly edgy when it’s paired with trinket jewelry and a white tank top. I reckon she’s wearing boot cut jeans with it too.

8. Functional Coats50 Shades Dakota Johnson Anastasia Steele Duffle Coat

It rains a lot in Seattle, so if you’re smart and sensible like Anastasia, you’ll wear a proper rain coat. The costume department probably sourced half of Anastasia’s clothes from the workwear section of a department store.

(Photos: 50 Shades Of Grey)