6-foot-red-roses.jpg6-Foot Red Roses?? Oh yes. Valentine’s Day is coming. Time to think of a unique way to make your loved one happy. What could possibly be more unique and a true testament to V-Day than a 6-Foot Bouquet of red roses? If a 5-6 foot bouquet sounds outrageous, you can also opt to order 4 foot or 3 foot.

5-6 foot : $239
4 foot : $169
3 foot : $119

The bouquet will be delivered in a black box. The roses will be wrapped in exquisite gold tissue. A card with your personal message which you could put in when you order will be attached in the box.

So Gentlemen, make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one. Yes I said “YOUR Valentine’s Day” because whoever receives this tall bouquet from you will either be shrieking her way into the bedroom(dragging you w/ her of course) or speechless for a few hours. Either way, it’ll benefit YOU ;) .

Hurry and order at The Ultimate Rose.