Johnson’s Baby Powder has been around since before I was born. There’s no mistaking that smell, which rates up there with the best smells ever, in my opinion. There’s also no denying it works. So when the Johnson’s people sent me a fact sheet listing interesting tidbits about Johnson’s Baby Powder, I couldn’t wait to share them here with you.

1. JOHNSON’S Baby Powder is a great addition to your beach bag. It helps to remove the sand from your feet and legs, so you don’t have to worry about bringing the beach home with you.
2. JOHNSON’S Baby Powder contains cooling properties that help wipe away sweat and leave your body feeling “cooler” and refreshed. Try using it as a deodorizer.

3. JOHNSON’S Baby Powder helps to dry off sweaty feet and minimize the odors associated with them. Try sprinkling the powder in your shoes to prevent sweat and keep your feet dry. If you are also looking to add a refreshing scent to your feet, try JOHNSON’S Cucumber Melon or Lavender Chamomile Baby Powder.
4. JOHNSON’S Baby Powder can be applied between your bed sheets to obtain fresh linens.

5. Sprinkle on hair to freshen – Angelina Jolie and Amanda Bynes both do this.

6. Dust a little Baby Powder on your eye lashes to act as a sort of primer for mascara to keep lashes looking “fluffy” and sexy. I hear tell this is one of Eva Longoria’s tricks.

Image: Johnson’s Baby Powder