When you buy a new piece of clothing or put together an outfit, do you ever wonder what your friends are going to think? Not that anyone should live or die by whether or not colleagues or friends will approve of what you’re wearing…but you have to admit, the thought must cross your mind every once in a while.

Although most of the time I’m sure you pull off the perfect outfit with class and effortless style, there have to be a few reactions we’re all a little afraid to hear. Maybe it’s hard to hear the truth, but ultimately…your friend is probably just trying to save you from embarrassment.


Image: Newscom

At least I hope she is.

“That’s returnable, right? Please tell me you kept the tag on.”

“I think my brother has that same dress in green.”

“I didn’t realize your new job required a uniform…oh, that’s not polyester?”

“Don’t listen to that guy – I’m sure his grandmother is one hot lady.”

“Have you ever thought about covering up…*cough*…the goods?”

“Sure, yeah…I’ll bet they could get that martini stain of your skirt…but maybe it’s a sign you should just throw it out. Really.