In the first chapter of Esquire’s The Handbook Of Style, the book delved on Suits. Before I share with you the details on The Perfect Suit, I would like to share the 6 Suit Terms That You Need To Know.

double-breasted-suit 1. The Drop : This means the suit’s shape. If you hear the term “drop six” from a tailor that doesn’t mean he wants you to drop on the floor and give him 6 push ups. He is actually referring to the trouser waist size that’s 6  inches smaller than the chest. 

2. The Jigger : It’s the 1 single [always] fastened button in a double-breasted jacket.

3. Bosom Pocket : These are the pockets that are cut into the suit’s fabric. A flap usually covers the pockets.

4. Ticket Pocket : This is the 3rd pocket located above the side pocket of a suit’s jacket. It’s normally the on the right side. It usually has a flap as well.

5. Kissing Buttons : This shows how the cuffs are sewn to overlap the sleeves. Mostly found on expensive suits.

6. The Syce : This denotes the armhole. The size and shape which tells the jacket’s size.

There you go. Just a little catch up on our suit’s terminologies

(Source : Esquire : The Handbook Of Style) (Image : Men’s Warehouse)