I am absolutely head over heels for the party dresses Anthropologie is putting out these days. Ever since one opened up within walking distance, it’s been a feat of strength not to go skipping up there every weekend for a not-so-innocent “browse” of the new goods.

Quirky, romantic, and not so exorbitantly priced that I can’t afford to even think about taking the plunge. Each dress is like a perfect reminder for why I love being a girl…plus they more often than not fit the bill for my schedule which requires a dress to very easily go from day to evening.


I have spent a great deal of time thinking about what it is – oh, and trying to justify yet another gorgeous dress purchase – and this is what I’ve uncovered about why these dresses succeed every time in being so flexible for different circumstances.

Neckline – always work appropriate, but flirty enough to get you through a couple cocktails with friends. If you work in a slightly stuffier environment, not to worry – a cardigan will do the trick.

Hemline – I prefer a slightly longer hemline, falling somewhere near the knee…so this one isn’t hard for me to go with. Anything shorter than these dresses might be a little over the top for the office crowd.

Patterns – fun, lighthearted and a little bit different than most old standby ‘work-ish’ stores, I like that each dress has an added touch of personality somewhere…without being so overly done up that people the next cubicle over are embarrassed to be seen next to you.

Embellishments – a little rosette, belt or trim on the lining – each dress has something extra to get you through the work day and amp up your outfit once the office is closed.

Pricepoint – yes, I have to think long and hard before I put down the credit card…but the cost is not so high that I can’t expand my wardrobe on a regular enough basis so this becomes just the sort of thing I wear to work and the style I have when I’m out with friends at night. Consistency is so key.

Trendiness – one of my favorite black dresses is over three years old, from Anthropologie and still works whenever I need “that” dress to get me through a tough day or fun night. It is a perpetual winner because each aspect of the design continues to work while other dresses might last a mere season. Classic and dependable always wins.

Images: Anthropologie