Jane Birkin inspired the legendary "Birkin" Bag by Hermès.

A few weeks ago we wrote about how Mulberry has named their most recent bag after Lana Del Rey. The reason for this move on the part of the brand was because the creative director, Emma Hill, was inspired by the American singer who is either loved or hated — for some reason you don’t find many in the in between camp.

One would think getting a handbag named after you would be a difficult task and probably a goal that isn’t easily achieved. However, Del Rey is proof that maybe it’s not so hard after all. Nothing against the singer, but she doesn’t exactly come to mind when one thinks of the word “icon.” This isn’t to say she won’t be considered one someday, I’m just saying at the moment.

So besides being a singer that even NBC’s Brian Williams thinks isn’t so great, what can YOU do to get a handbag named after you? That is the lifelong goal of many, isn’t it? To have a bag named after you before you die? It would have meant you made it in some way, yes? Here are six ways you can get your name attached to a fancy shmancy designer bag. As you’ll see, it’s really is.

Personally, I’d just be happy to get a pair of socks named after me, but I fear that may even be a longshot.