I think a lot of us can agree that Doctor Zhivago is probably one of the greatest movies ever. It’s hard not to love an epic film set in Russia that covers three wars and a heartbreaking love story that ends so sadly that you’re bawling for hours after the fact. And yet no matter how many times you watch it, it still has the same effect on your tear ducts as it did the first time. Oh, they don’t make movies quite like that anymore.

When I read that it was Julie Christie‘s birthday this weekend (the lovely blonde who played Lara), I decided to watch the movie last night. While watching it I thought of all the possible Doctor Zhivago theme parties in my future. I even considered having everyone dress in Doctor Zhivago attire for my wedding — the one I’m having in 2023. But what would everyone wear? What would I wear? What will you wear if you’re invited? I found us a few suggestions.