plus size

The news gets worse and worse for plus size shoppers, who get foisted with the world’s ugliest, most insulting clothes, and can’t even find their sizes in stores when companies bother to manufacture them.

Luckily, it isn’t all bad if you manage to do a little digging. Recognizing a lack of cute clothing for a huge consumer base, specialized plus size stores have sprung up in order to meet the demand. It’s really a loss for bigger name stores, because women who don’t fit into size 10s and under all have wallets and want attractive, well-made clothing. Until mainstream stores start making clothing to fit all women, I think it’s important to patronize the retailers that recognizes that size has nothing to do with the desire or right to have clothing that fits well, looks presentable, and make you feel good.

Unfortunately, most stores in the round up are online stores, and there’s still a striking lack of brick-and-mortar stores where one could go and I don’t know, try on the clothes they want to buy on the off chance that sizing is fairly arbitrary and differs from brand to brand. But if you’re willing to shop online, here’s seven excellent options that aren’t just “cute for plus sized.” They’re great stores with amazing clothing, period.

Please feel free to chime in with your favorite stores, if you feel like we missed any!

Photo: Felicity Hayward via her Facebook