I’m an allergy sufferer.  As summer turns into fall, the weather changes and the rain comes,  become a sneezing, sniffling, eye-watering mess.  It’s not attractive!  And when there’s so many great fall clothes dying to come out of my closet, it’s hard to think about being stylish when I can barely crawl out of bed.

Now that the fall allergy season is upon me, I offer these suggestions to fellow sufferers:

Tissue box Hot showers.  There’s nothing like steam to loosen up all the crud that’s clogging up your sinuses.  I’ve occasionally hit the steam room, but sometimes if I’m too stuffed up, that can be too painful.  But a morning and bedtime hot shower is a pro-active stance.

Moisturize.  When you’re blowing your nose all the time, a little extra moisturizer will help the end of your nose from becoming raw.

Eye drops.  Whether from sleepless nights, or just painful sinus pressure, eye drops can brighten up your look and mask the pain that lies within.

Drugs.  There’s no way around it, this time of year I depend them.  Explore what works best for you, be it Sudafed, Claritin, Allegra, or whatever decongestant gives you relief.

Sleep.  It may be elusive, interrupted, and downright uncomfortable.  But you need sleep to help you heel and to help reduce those dark circles in the morning.

Concealer is your friend.  The dark circles and puffiness will happen.  Brighten up what you can, and face the day looking rested — even if you really aren’t.

Wear bright colors.  I’ve been guilt of violating this tip myself, but even if it’s only bright pajamas or loungewear, it makes you look and feel better.  Looking good, even when you feel crummy, helps get your head in the right state of mind.

Do you have any tips for helping to tame your allergies and keep looking good?  Please leave a comment, because I need all the help I can get!

Photo source:  SXC