Aren’t these kittens so cute? They’re not mine…but my kitties were like that once. So cute and fluffy…but you know, those cute fluffy kittens turn into big grumpy shedding cats. And as much as I love the furry family, my goodness that hair gets everywhere.



So, over the years I’ve figured out a thing or two about getting pet hair off my clothes – and keeping it off. Here are a few ideas to help make sure people don’t think you are the one shedding.

  1. Keep your closet door shut. They will find a way to get hair on your clothes in there..somehow. Who knows how. It’s a mystery.
  2. Skip the lint roller – this isn’t lint. It’s unruly, wild cat hair. And it laughs at your lint roller.
  3. Get a roll of packing tape. This will lift out pet hair on that sweater you really want to wear but has a patch of fur clinging to one shoulder.
  4. Hang up your clothes (in the closet, behind closed doors). Dresser drawers are like cat magnets – mine have somehow figured out how to pull the drawer open so they can crawl in.
  5. Regularly vacuum. When you get behind on the housecleaning, there is going to be pet hair lingering in the air, on your couch, and on your clothes.
  6. Buy a furminator. This is a nifty excess pet hair removal invention that I wish I could have so brilliantly come up with.
  7. When the furball rolls over on his/her back and gives you those pouty “pet me!” eyes right before you’re going to walk out the front door…resist…it’s a trap! One cuddle and you will be covered in hair.