September is Hunger Awareness Month, one of the many specially proclaimed months, weeks, days throughout the course of the year.  It’s also the kind of cause that I think every one of us can get behind.  It’s a cause that doesn’t ask you to take sides (are you for hunger or against it?!), has real sufferers with faces and stories, and transcends our religious and socio-economic differences.

I’m thankful that I have food to sustain and nourish me, as well as having it as a social part of my life.  I’ll be thinking a little bit more about the face of hunger this month, and have donations planned to local causes.

breakfast cereal Here’s what you can do to help make Hunger in America a thing of the past:

  • Be a good consumer.  Don’t waste food.  Prepare what you need, and use the leftovers for another meal the following day.
  • Learn what physical hunger really is.  It’s not about wanting food, it’s about needing food.
  • Volunteer in your community.  At a soup kitchen, shelter, food bank, your place of worship.
  • Donate to your local food bank.  At a time with so much need, food supplies are low.  Get a non-perishable food drive going in your neighborhood or at work.  Buy a couple extra cans of soup, a bag of rice, or a box of cereal when you shop, and donate it to a food bank.
  • Be aware.  Read, research, and discuss the issues surrounding hunger.  The more you know, the more you’ll know what to do.  Share what you learn with others and don’t be afraid to share the stories.
  • Give up something for Hunger Awareness month, and donate those funds to a local food bank.  Can you make it a month with a latte, new pair of shoes, new eye shadow, or happy hour.  Find a hunger cause that is consistent with your beliefs, and give.
  • Join The Cheesecake Factory’s Drive Out Hunger Tour.

What can you do to support Hunger Awareness Month?

Photo credit: SXC