I just spent forty minutes in front the mirror methodically blowdrying my hair. For those of you rolling your eyes at that amount of time spent on vanity, well…it’s worth it. I try not to blow dry my hair every day (gets dry and breaks easily) but when I do, I want it to really look good. Here are some words of wisdom and tricks of the trade I’ve developed along the way:


  1. Make sure you point the blowdryer down when applying heat to a section. Letting it blow upward will only encourage the frizzies.
  2. Use a product designed to protect your hair from lots of heat styling and promote a shiny straight finish, like Frederic Fekkai’s Coiff Controle Ironless Straightening Balm.
  3. Before you start working on the ‘straightening’ part, get your hair mostly dry by just working the blowdryer around while shaking up the roots.
  4. Once your hair is almost dry, start working in small sections.
  5. Be nice to your roots but be even nicer to the ends of your hair; they’ve been around the longest and will look frayed and frizzy if you aren’t careful.
  6. Flip your hair from side to side (but not upside down) to get some lift at the roots.
  7. Make sure you have the right brush on hand – I prefer a round natural bristle brush but you might find a paddle brush works better for you.
  8. Have a straightening iron handy and warmed up to tame those tricky pieces that don’t want to behave – always go with higher heat so you don’t have to run it over your hair as many times (1-2 strokes should be plenty).

Image: Newscom