Twice a year New York City becomes a bottomless pit of designers, fashionistas, models, and the always entertaining fashion wannabes. On a regular day the is city full of all these types, but once Fashion Week hits town, we’re not only dealing with our own fashion-obsessed crowd, but those from around the world.

Admittedly, Fashion Week is fucking awesome if you know the right people. If you don’t, you either stay home and sulk; watching coverage on NY1 wondering why you didn’t pursue your dreams to be a designer or model; or, if you have the balls, you fake it.

You do not sit home and let Fashion Week pass you by just because your invite to the Badgley Mischka show was “lost” in the mail. No. You slip on your knock-off Jimmy Choos, memorize the show schedule and play the game. We’ve already covered how to sneak into Fashion Week events, but even if you don’t get yourself in, it doesn’t mean you can’t traipse around the city with your borrowed Balenciaga bag acting like you’re the shit. You do it every other day of the year, so why not step it up in honor of Fashion Week?