The animal print trend is still going strong, so if you haven’t added any to your wardrobe, fall will be a great time to pick up a little something.  The key to wearing animal print, however, is not to over-do it.  A little is great, but the only one who should be wearing animal print head to toe is the animal.

Take a walk on the wild side, and pair up your animal prints with something already in your wardrobe:

Patterson J Kincaid Sao Paolo Tank available at Nordstrom

Patterson J Kincaid Sao Paolo Tank available at Nordstrom

Shoes – Pair some sexy animal print shoes with basic black to a conservative suit from drab to fab.  They’ll dress up a black trousers, jeans, and a simple pencil skirts as well.  If heels aren’t your thing, try some ballet flats.

Skirt – I picked up a cheetah print pencil skirt, and have found it to be a mainstay of my wardrobe.  Wear it with a little prim and proper sweater set, and you may be able to get by for office wear.  A camisole and heels are perfect for a night out.  A black sweater, tights, and ankle boots will see you well into winter.  Keep all you other pieces and accessories plain, and let the skirt do your talking.

Dress – A bit more bold of a statement, and a little more investment of money, but if you can pull it off, go for it!  Wear with tights and heels for a good day look.  Bare legs and stilettos will be perfect for evening.  Simple shoes and jewelry will help you pull it all together.  Depending on the cut and style, you may be able to give it an additional looking by wearing it over jeans or leggings.

Camisole – Whether it’s simple cotton/lycra, or a flirty piece of fluff, a cami is great paired with pants, skirts, or jeans.  Throw a jacket or sweater over it, and you won’t be too wild for the office, either.

Blouses, shirts and other tops – Depending on the style and fit, you can jazz up skirts, pants, and jeans.  An oversized top works with tights as a dress or over leggings.  Wear something straight and sexy with a top that’s loose and flirty.  Experiment with different pieces until you find something that looks great.

Hand bags – There are lots of sizes and shapes to choose from, but one of my favorites is a small evening bag in a leopard print.  Big enough for some money, credit cards, phone, and a lipstick, it’s my go-to bag with a little black dress.

Sweater – There are lots of cute animal print cardigans to choose from, and I’m a fan of the ones that are a little more fitted.  Button it up and pair it with a skirt and you’ll look like a sexy librarian.  Wear it open as a jacket for a totally different look.

Coat/Jacket – Another piece involving a bit more expense, and not everyone can pull it off, but you may want to give it a try with an affordable option.  I’ve seen some raincoat trenches that could brighten up even the darkest days of winter.

Accessories – Not sure if you can pull off this fashion trend?  Start with something easy like a headband, hat, or pair of gloves.  Since you won’t be wearing these all the time, it may be an easier way to give it a try.  I bet you’ll get so many compliments that you’ll want to rush out to buy something else!

How will you wear animal prints this fall?

Photo credit: Nordstrom