Hang on to your bucket hat, because soon we’re going to be raising the roof for these slammin’ 90s fashion trends. If you go to the mall and wonder whether you’ve somehow managed to time travel back to 1994, you’re not alone. Every store is piled high with crop tops and Fresh Prince overalls. Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner have mastered  the 90s grunge look so well that you forget they were still in diapers when it first came into style. And let’s not forget how Adam Levine bleached his hair a shade of yellow we have not seen since Justin Timberlake in his N Sync days (after all these years I still have no idea how to spell it. Is there a * somewhere?)

The high-waisted jeans and scrunchies prove that anything from the 1990s is going to make a revival, so here are 10 other nineties trends that we can expect in stores soon:

1. Butterfly clips

90s Butterfly Clips

Put down that scrunchie because there’s going to be another 90s hair accessory that demands attention–the butterfly clip. What could be better to jazz up your twisted cornrows than a sparkly plastic clip?

2. Goofy Hats 

90s Sister Sister Hats

We can thank Blossom for the denim bucket hats with rosettes and Mad Hatter top hats of the nineties. She made a comeback on The Big Bang Theory, so it’s only natural that her hats make a reappearance too.

3. Elephant Leg Jeans

90s Elephant Leg Jeans

After wearing skinny jeans that make our legs look like blue sausages for years, it would be a nice change if elephant jeans got resurrected and we could see the circulation return to our thighs.

4. Spice Girl Platforms

90s Spice Girl Platforms

A wedge trainer is essentially Baby Spice‘s platform sneakers, so I give it 4 months before the entire range of Buffalo boots is back in stores.

5.  Bike Shorts

90s Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are essentially just a cropped version of leggings aren’t they? So technically we could make this one at home right now. Just make sure to throw in a geometric print so they’ll be 90s all that and a bag of potato chips. (Did anyone ever actually say that?)

6. Clashing Jackets

90s Clashing Jacket

Not so long ago these jackets were only worn by grandparents who refused to give them up from the early 1990s. Now hipster track jackets are becoming brighter and more patterned. Give it three months and everyone in Brooklyn will be wearing one of these.

7. Bandanas 


Bandanas deserve a revival just so we can have another disguise for dirty hair. Dry shampoo doesn’t always work.

8. Pastel-Tinted Sunglasses

90s Mary Kate and Ashley Tinted Sunglasses

It doesn’t matter how much sun protection they offer, wouldn’t it be so much better to see the world through rose (or blue) tinted sunglasses rather than dull black for a change? No wonder the 1990s were such a happy time.

9. Mood Rings

90s Mood Ring

Showing your boyfriend your mood ring to let him know that you’re pissed off is waaaaaay better than the modern #youknowwhatyoudid #pissedoff tweet. Just for this reason, they deserve a revival.

10. Check Skirt Suits

90s Clueless Check Suit

Before September I guarantee there will be a Clueless clothing line coming out with all your favourite 90s Cher staples. The check skirt suit will be an instant sell-out.