I don’t think that crotchless panties make very good gifts for kids, but apparently I’m not supported unanimously in that notion: while shopping with her children, a mom in Colorado made the unfortunate discovery of crotchless thong panties being sold to kids.

Erin French said that she saw the offending undergarments in a store called Kids N’ Teen, and was shocked by the fact that they were in there next to items like stuffed animals and little backpacks. “They’re sized to fit a 7-year-old girl,” she said. “That’s just inappropriate.”

The store countered that the panties were meant to be targeted to the “Teen” part of their demographic, but still, crotchless panties exist to play around with the notion of easy access, and that is undeniably disturbing when it comes to children. Even when it comes to teens who are experimenting with their sexuality, it’s a notion that strikes me as being kinky beyond their level of comprehension, and so, again, not really appropriate.

[via Jezebel]