Elizabeth Firgeleski was traveling in Thailand in December 2004 when the Indian Ocean tsunami hit.  In fact, she was on the beach when the first wave hit and was injured.  She was moved by the response of the Thai people and made a promise to come back and help.

That led her to create “A Global Friendship“, an organization that partners with local artisans in Thailand to sell their work, improve their communities, teach them business skills and even help with financing their businesses.  That has led to their jewelry, accessories and clothing being carried in more than forty boutiques in the USA and British Virgin Islands.

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the tsunami, A Global Friendship and their Thai artisans have created a unique bracelet to raise funds for the people and communities that are still recovering from the tsunami.

A Global Friendship

To find a boutique that carries A Global Friendship jewelry near you, check out their online retail locator.

image: A Global Friendship