marilyn monroe

One of the overriding themes of my time at TheGloss is how much I love stuff from the 1950’s. I mean, casual misogyny, obviously. Also cocktails. And hot rollers. But also, every single style statement that existed at that time.

For that reason, I wanted to make sure my last post linked to my friend, Lisa Hix’s work on Collector’s Weekly.

They’ve got a great post up right now on vintage jewelry, which notes:

Marilyn Monroe wore Napier when she posed for the cover of Movieland magazine in 1954. That same decade, Mamie Eisenhower, Arlene Francis, Miss America, and the Duchess of Windsor all flaunted Napier. Doris Day even endorsed two namesake lines from Napier. “The brand was often on the cutting edge of jewelry fashion,” says Napier expert Melinda Lewis. “That’s why Napier was in so many fine department stores on Fifth Avenue, because it was a step ahead of the other brands, who followed its lead.”

Dude, I love stuff like that. I like to know what people were wearing years before I was born. I am pretty much eternally interested in what Marilyn Monroe was wearing. I think that’s partly because I think that wearing the same items as her will magically turn me into Marilyn Monroe, and partly just because I sincerely do believe that people like Marilyn had great style.

It’s also interesting that we live in an age where styles and fashions don’t change nearly as much as they did 50 years ago. They really used to change around completely on ten year cycles, back then.

If you love this stuff as well, you should absolutely follow Collector’s Weekly.

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