Guess who’s birthday it is today? No, not Tori Spelling! But the fella who spawned her: Aaron Spelling. Without Aaron we’d be without such iconic shows as Dynasty, Charlie’s Angels, Love Boat, Melrose Place, and Beverly Hills, 90210. The contributions that Spelling made to the world are spectacular!

While all those shows and the bazillion (slight exaggeration) others that he had a hand in all had their individual importance on the generation of the time, the greatest character of all was 90210‘s Donna Martin. She’s not the greatest because she was played by Spelling’s daughter Tori “I’m preggers for a fourth time” Spelling, but because Donna Martin’s fashion sense and deep thoughts about men and life in general were fascinating, insightful and ahead of the times. Simply, she was a visionary.

“High school guys, college guys, grad school guys, drop guys. You can not dress the same for all guys.” – Donna Martin

Oh, so right you were, Donna, so right you were.