ring $10
We’ve been reading a lot about people selling normal seeming items for a comical amount of money. That’s because people are idiots. However, sometimes also give away items of actual value for almost no money whatsoever. That is also because they are idiots. Or, honestly, just normal people, who misplaced things, and actually not nearly as idiotic as the people who’ll pay $68,000 for a jacket.

According to Gawker:

Before Racquel Cloutier went to the hospital to deliver her fifth child, she hid her $23,000 diamond wedding ring in a plain watch box to keep it safe from her two-year-old twins. As she was in the hospital recovering, her husband, Eric Cloutier, decided to hold a yard sale in part to keep the couple’s other children occupied. Only one problem: he accidentally put the watch box, containing the $23,000 ring inside, for sale – for $10 – and someone bought it.


Ugh, I would say that hiding your valuables away in some box is a silly thing to do, but that is completely the kind of thing I would do. I think that is probably the kind of thing many people would do. So, basically, this is awful.

Hopefully someone will return it! Gawker says:

The ring, according to Eric Cloutier, was bought by a blonde woman, who hesitated before making the purchase. Cloutier said she’s optimistic the woman – or whoever finds it – will return the ring. “If you’re honest, you’re honest,” she said.

Okay, let’s all keep our fingers crossed and never put anything away in a box for safekeeping ever again. Just toss all your jewelry out in plain sight.

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