Barong Tagalog is Philippines Men’s National Costume. It’s mostly worn by Filipino Men during formal events like weddings and award shows, etc. It’s the suit or tux equivalent to Filipino Men’s Wear. You could’ve knocked me over with a frying pan when I saw this guy on Wardrobe Remix who is calling himself “Manila’s Pride” with his punk rock interpretation of the Barong Tagalog. There was no way in hell he wasn’t gracing the She Knows Best, Stylish Man Project. The way he punktified(yes that is so such a word, hah) the Filipino Men’s Formal Wear by adding rock band patches was very impressive. I LOVE IT!

You know what else I love? The AC/DC buckle belt and the Levi’s yellow digital watch. Even though I’m not much into punk music, and the fact that I’m married to a Metal Martyr, I appreciate this punk twist to Barong Tagalog.

*Wardrobe Remix