Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone have spent 20 long years working in the fashion business, so it’s about time they were featured in a campaign themselves.

As the glorious comeback of britcom Absolutely Fabulous continues, accessory designer Alexis Bittar has smartly snapped up the series’ stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley for his winter 2012 ad campaign. Here’s another picture from it:

The pair appear to stay in drunken, flamboyant character throughout. Amazing!

Using them was smart for a few different reasons:

1.) Seeing as Ab Fab satirizes the fashion industry pretty thoroughly, it shows Alexis Bittar has a sense of humor about what he does.

2.) Despite being shallow, vain, ridiculous, and foolish people, Patsy and Edina are well-established to have great, snobby taste in things. Things like Alexis Bittar jewelry, sweetie.

3.) After such a long hiatus, people are just happy to see their faces again.

Here’s a behind the scenes video from the shoot:


Bloody brilliant.

(Via The Telegraph)